The Engineering Design (English name: Engineering Sciences and Design) course is a graduate organization that is a fusion of different fields.It is a major pillar of educational purpose that students who have studied the basics of each specialized field in the undergraduate department acquire a sense of making use of their expertise and skills in the real world by meeting colleagues and knowledge in different fields while mastering their specialty.Why don't you study together in the ESD course to become an engineer who designs the next generation with vitality?

Engineering x Design?

What do you associate with the word design?Graphic design?Fashion?The intended design here is not to "determine the color or shape, and to make it look beautiful".According to Wikipedia,

Originally, this word is design, and it means not only form and design, but also a "plan" to better suit human actions (many of which have a purpose).What humans produce has a specific purpose and is planned by the designer to suit it.

and it can be seen that it is a very broad concept.
On the other hand, engineering is defined as follows in the document (1998) of the "Committee on Educ[1]ational Programs in Engineering".

Engineering is based on mathematics and natural science, and is a discipline that aims to build useful objects and comfortable environments for public safety, health, and welfare, sometimes using knowledge of the humanities and social sciences.

Developed engineering is a kind of magic, but in order to be "suitable in a good way" in the real world, it is not possible to demonstrate its true value unless it is designed.The combination of engineering and design is a paradigm that can greatly change the world.

Why is design important?

The times are now in a period of great change.Uncertainty is coming a society that is greatly difficult to predict in the future.Society faces various changes.

Changes in population structur
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nd changes in management