You can access to the following files within TokyoTech network or with an ID and password(Not students

for students who enrolled Tokyo tech after April 2021.

April 2023 ESDCourse Guidance (as of 1 September 2023)

April 2022 ESDCourse Guidance (as of 1 April 2023)

Students enrolled in September 2021 ESD Course Guidance (As of 27 September 2021)

Students enrolled in April ESD Course Guidance (As of 25 April 2020)

Students enrolled in Sept ESD Course Guidance(as of 29 September 2020)

Materials regarding “Problem Based Learning”

EDP Schedule

See Here for schedule.Confirm the latest schedule on Discord.In principle, students who enrolled in September 2021 cannot take the EDP. If you have a problem, please contact your instructor.

for students who enrolled Tokyo tech before March 2021.

Materials related to “Off-Campus Project Subjects” can be downloaded from the link below.
Off-campus-Proj-application form ESD Off
Campus Project Report_NAME Flow to Off-Camp
Flowchart to get offcampus PJ Credits (Revised on December 10, 2018)